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What are the classifications of explosion-proof hoses

Explosion-proof hoses are mainly divided into three categories: rubber-type explosion-proof hoses, steel wire-covered explosion-proof hoses, and stainless steel explosion-proof and anti-corrosion hoses.
1. Rubber-type hose (pipe diameter within 2 inches): The outer body of the explosion-proof hose is made of pvc material, which is smooth, beautiful and glossy, with flame resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, good flexibility, The structure is firm and so on.
2. Steel wire sheathed explosion-proof hose (suitable for pipe diameters larger than 2 inches): the same specification and length, compared with the price, the price of the steel wire sheathed cloth is high.
3. Stainless steel explosion-proof hose: There is strong acid and alkali strong corrosion in the air, suitable for humid environment.