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  • Vision:

    Dedicated to producing high quality products and services in electrical industry, become globally competitive brand

  • Mission:

    Provide security for life and property

  • Ultimate Goal:

    Create a true brand spanning a century 

  • Core Value:

    Pursue innovation, continuous improvement, prioritize trust and gratefulness 

CZ’s Philosophy

Explosion-proof means to provide safety guarantee for the user's life and property
We are well aware of the great responsibility
Continuous technological innovation and strict quality requirements are our safety commitments to users, as well as our adherence to the concept of " We
deliver safety and quality".

Mascot: Xiaochuang

Interpretation to CZ’s trademark

  • C and Z represent Chuangzheng Electric Co., Ltd, and the three upward parallel
    lines represent Chuangzheng’s corporate purpose “Focus, Safety and Harmony”.
  • Three parallel lines pass through the letters "℃" and "Z", symbolizing that Chuangzheng people keep making progress,
    creating outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and unlimited innovation and unlimited dreams and a sense of responsibility and mission.
  • The trademark uses brown and orange as the company's standard colors.
    Brown is a symbol of stability, protection and reliability. Orange represents self-confidence, creativity, maturity and warning. These two colors are very consistent with the characteristics of Chuangzheng's industry.