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Technical Advantages

The development of standards

In order to promote the advancement of explosion-proof technology, promote the industry standardization process, and improve the quality of enterprise products, CZ, as a member of the National Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Standard Technical Committee, has participated in the GB12476 series of dust explosion-proof standards and the GB3836 series of explosive environment explosion-proof standards as the main drafting unit since 2008. The formulation and revision of 15 national standards including standards. In response to the Zhejiang Provincial Government’s proposal to improve the quality and performance of “Made in Zhejiang” products, in 2019, as the first drafting unit, it presided over the drafting of the T/ZZB1508-2020 "Explosion-proof Signal Light Button Module" group standard.

Philosophy of the Technical Department

Never stop exploring unsolved technical problems, with safety as the core and practicality as the basis, and the constant pursuit of perfection lead to the solving of impossible problems.

Innovative gene

Launched core-pulled explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, and the innovative attempts have brought great convenience to users; Broke the traditional thinking, launching the building block type aluminum alloy explosion-proof distribution box, through the spliced explosion-proof products to bring a safer experience to users in installation and maintenance; Launch full plastic explosion-proof products to achieve component-level explosion-proof safety and catch up with the international level; The first domestic company to pass the ATEX certification of DNV, and start to march to the world; Propose and apply the maximum power dissipation method, and establish a system database through accurate temperature testing to greatly improve the utilization efficiency of each explosion-proof unit, and provide quantitative and reliable data support for customers' special customized products.

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