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Fire safety exit indicator installation specification

Fire emergency exit lights can be divided into safety exit signs and fire evacuation channel signs.
1. The installation position of the safety exit sign light is usually at the exit of the normal exit and emergency passage leading to the outside in the building. Doors leading to stairwells and front rooms of fire elevators on each floor of multi-storey and high-rise buildings; large halls, fields and pavilions lead to emergency evacuation passages and exits to front halls, side halls and stairwells;
2. The safety exit light is generally installed above the exit door frame. If the door frame is too high, it can be installed at the side opening of the door frame; in order to prevent the smoke generated during the fire from affecting the vision, the installation height is 2.2-2.5 meters.
3. The installation location of the fire safety indicator is usually the safety evacuation channel in the public building. When it is convenient for people to evacuate, the correct emergency escape exit, fire emergency evacuation channel or safety emergency exit channel can be found no matter where it is from. The distance between emergency evacuation indicators should not be greater than 20 meters.
4. The front screen part of the safety exit indicator should try to maintain a vertical angle with the safety evacuation channel.
5. The power supply used by the safety exit indicator installed in the safety exit channel is recommended to be installed independently, and not to be linked with electric lights or electrical appliances, which is convenient for future management.
6. The emergency lighting of the evacuation sign shall be installed on the top of the safety exit, and the stairwell, evacuation walkway and its corner shall be installed on the wall below 1m. Parts that are not easy to install can be installed at the upper part with a height of not less than 2m from the ground, and installed above the evacuation exit and the inner side of the stairway. The distance between the sign lights on the evacuation passage is not more than 20m (civil air defense engineering is not more than 10m).