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Praise for ingenuity | Chuangzheng employees were named the third "Nanhu Craftsman"


Glory belongs to the workers, and happiness belongs to the workers. On the evening of April 29th, the 2021 Nanhu District Celebration "May 1st" Commendation Conference and My Heart to Party Workers Art Performance was held in the Nanhu Concert Hall. The meeting grandly commended the third "South Lake Craftsman" and "The Most Beautiful Nanhu People-Tenth" Advanced representatives, advanced individuals and collectives such as the Second Outstanding Workers and the "Worker Pioneer" of Nanhu District. Chuangzheng employee Yu Zongfu was named the third "South Lake Craftsman" and took the stage to receive commendations and honors.




Nanhu craftsman Yu Zongfu is from Chongqing and graduated in mechanical and electrical engineering. At the beginning of his employment, he learned that the explosion-proof products produced by the company are mostly used in petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and other fields, which are closely related to the lives of on-site workers and the safety of equipment. In his words, "explosion-proof products are related to the safety of life and property." The red line of safety has been rooted in his career since then, allowing him to treat his research and development work more cautiously and even harshly.


Yu Zongfu joined Chuangzheng after graduating from university in 2006. Through years of practice and accumulation, he has now become a senior researcher. In the research and development of the company’s main CZ1490 aluminum alloy explosion-proof electrical products and CZ18 series all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip lights, Yu Gong gave full play to the advantages of his own composite knowledge structure. On the basis of product technology upgrades, Structural optimization and improvement, improved product sealing materials and types, combined with advanced technology, have greatly improved the safety performance, protection level, and overall environmental adaptability of the two series of products. To

CZ1490 aluminum alloy explosion-proof electrical appliances series is one of the key development projects of Chuangzheng in recent years. The company spent nearly 6 years and invested millions of yuan to overcome a series of key technologies. Among them, as a core R&D engineer, Yu Zongfu devoted a lot of effort to the development of this project. Yu Zongfu later recalled that many technical difficulties were encountered in the development and design of this product. How to ensure the overall structural strength of the large-size casing in practical applications is how to ensure that the overall structural strength is not damaged. In order to solve this technical problem, he and the project team used finite element static model analysis and design methods to build a series of mechanical static model analysis models for various opening schemes, and conducted a large number of static pressure tests, and finally determined the maximum displacement. The area division method perfectly overcomes this technical problem. In 2018, the CZ1490 series successfully obtained relevant international and domestic explosion-proof certifications such as IECEx and ATEx. In the past 6 years, Yu Zongfu has been forged as an expert R&D personnel.




Leave the problem in the laboratory
It will take two to three years for the company's new product development from the preliminary demonstration to the smooth launch of the product. R&D is constantly solving problems and constantly trial and error. He said: "Our boss is also a technical boss. He especially understands R&D work, understands the technical errors that occur during the R&D process due to design reasons, and can give a certain degree of understanding and tolerance. There is a certain degree of tolerance in such a process. Companies with high rates must do their work well, and are confident that they can do their work well, and keep the problem in the laboratory as much as possible before the product goes on the market." 


The craftsman spirit not only guarantees unparalleled pioneering in unknown fields, but more rarely, in the already skilled industry, it also maintains a resolute advancement of excellence. Source of part of the text: "Nanhu Craftsman" Yu Zongfu: Leave the problem in the laboratory"