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The difference between circuit breaker and air switch

The air switch is a switch that will trip as long as there is a short circuit. When the line is short-circuited or severely overloaded, the short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping setting current value, and the electromagnetic release generates enough suction to attract the armature and hit the lever, so that the hook rotates up around the shaft seat and releases the lock. , the lock will disconnect the three main contacts under the action of the reaction spring to cut off the power supply.
When the line is generally overloaded, although the overload current cannot make the electromagnetic release operate, it can make the heating element generate a certain amount of heat, which makes the bimetallic sheet bend upward when heated, push the lever to disengage the hook and the lock, and release the main contact The head is disconnected and the power is cut off. Because there are many ways of insulation, there are oil switches, vacuum switches and other inert gas (sulfur hexafluoride gas) switches. The air switch is a switch that uses air to extinguish the arc, so it is called an air switch. Air is used to extinguish the arc generated during switching. That's why it's called an air switch.
Circuit breaker: It has the function of overcurrent and short circuit automatic tripping, and has a degaussing arc extinguishing device, which can be used to connect and cut off large currents; air switch: a kind of circuit breaker, its arc extinguishing device is exposed to the air The arc can be eliminated in the air medium environment, and these types of electrical appliances are generally used in low-voltage circuits.
1. The difference between voltage levels: Generally, the applicable voltage level of air switches is below 500V, while circuit breakers can usually be applied to various voltage levels above 220V.
2. The ability to interrupt the current is different: the load and short-circuit current that the general circuit breaker can withstand is larger.
3. The difference between arc extinguishing medium and method: The arc extinguishing medium and method of circuit breaker include not only air circuit breaker, but also vacuum circuit breaker, multi-oil circuit breaker, less oil circuit breaker, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, etc.
4. The difference between supporting equipment: Generally speaking, the measurement of circuit breaker, logic and the supporting equipment of the execution part of the mechanism are more complicated than that of the air circuit breaker.