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Standing at 30, Win-win with Concentration-Review of 2020 Chuangzheng Electric Events


Looking back on 2020 is an extraordinary year. The sudden epidemic affects everyone's lives, but everyone is united and sticks to their posts. With confidence, we are determined to move forward and harvest our growth. Every moment of honor witnesses Chuangzheng people's professionalism. The deep cultivation of the field, the firm adherence to the belief in safety, let's take a good inventory of the highlights of this year at the end of the year.
01 30 Years of Pioneering Work, Good Wind Is Sailing-Chuangzheng 30th Anniversary!


Chuangzheng Electric Co., Ltd. has been on the 30th anniversary of its establishment. Thirty years of safety protection, 30 years of prosperity-Chuangzheng Electric Co., Ltd. has gone through 30 spring, summer, autumn and winter! On August 1, 2020, the 30th anniversary celebration of Chuangzheng Electric Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the company! From 1990 to 2020, we brave the wind and waves, forge ahead, continue to struggle, and aspire to become an internationally renowned explosion-proof electrical company. Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence. While striving to expand the domestic market and create sound development, we will actively expand foreign markets, establish overseas production bases, and prepare for the establishment of overseas branches. Chuangzheng people have the courage to develop their careers without fear of difficulties and obstacles; Chuangzheng people have ideals, beliefs, loyalty and perseverance in their hearts, which will continue to inspire us step by step, create new miracles one after another, and steadily "create a real brand, The century-old cause of "a century-old enterprise" is moving forward! To
02 Keep improving-successfully complete the annual certification work


Successful completion of various system certifications This year, all explosion-proof electrical products of the company have completed the 3C certificate renewal. In the new standard of explosion-proof 3C factory review, we have completed the qualification certificate, standardized quality management system, rigorous and detailed operation records, and precision. The on-site operation of CQST, CQC and PCEC has passed the audit of certification departments such as CQST, CQC and PCEC. In 2020, the company successfully completed the annual review of various systems, and passed the annual review of ATEX, IECEx, EAC, GJB system, intellectual property system, and three systems at one time. This fully shows that the company's quality management system has been built and optimized for many years, and management concepts such as quality-oriented and quality training have penetrated into every aspect of product process control. ISO Three Systems, ATEX System, IECEx System, EAC System, Intellectual Property System, GJB System, 03 Quality Guarantee-Successfully obtained Zhejiang Manufacturing Product Certification

Brand word mark certification In December 2020, "CZ0212 explosion-proof module with signal lights and buttons" successfully obtained the Zhejiang manufacturing certification. This is another breakthrough in the Zhejiang manufacturing word mark field since the product group standard was released last year. Different from the Zhejiang manufacturing group standards, this certification: on the one hand, it is to assess whether the quality and performance of the product is stable; whether the process control is rigorous; whether the technology meets the requirements of "domestic first-class and internationally advanced"; on the other hand, it is about the company's overall A comprehensive inspection of qualifications and technical strength is conducted to verify whether the company's products truly meet the requirements of the "good enterprise + good product" standard system. The successful issuance of this certification demonstrates the positioning of Chuangzheng's products as an internationally renowned brand with leading technology and excellent quality. It also shows the company's strong technical research and development strength and excellent corporate brand image. 04 Grateful Heart-Repaying the Society

A grateful heart-giving back to the society On June 24, 2020, the annual "Chuangzheng Scholarship" award ceremony was held as scheduled in the 509 meeting room of Building 6, Jia Vocational College. The company’s personnel manager, Chuangzheng, participated in this event and received Congratulations to the scholarship students! The purpose of the company's "Chuangzheng Scholarship" is to reward students with excellent character and academics, and jointly cultivate talents, respect talents, and cherish talents. The company will always fulfill its corporate social responsibility and demonstrate its due responsibility! "Charity is the power of the enterprise", the public welfare culture has become an important part of the corporate culture of Chuangzheng. Looking back on 2020, Chuangzheng actively participated in a series of public welfare projects and practiced social responsibility. Epidemic Donation January Xiangjiadang Qixing Central Primary School Student Donation Activity The 8th Jia Vocational College Chuangzheng Scholarship May. The East-West Cooperation Village of Naka Village, Tieb Town, Ruoergai County. ) (Winter) The 11th "Chuangzheng Love Mutual Aid Fund" fundraising activity in December, donated by the Education Foundation of Nanhu Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, Zhejiang Province Shaya County Poor Family Project) 05 New Product Release-Intelligent Explosion-proof Fire-fighting Lighting and Evacuation Indication Series Products

Intelligent explosion-proof fire-fighting lighting and evacuation indicator series products In 2020, based on the original explosion-proof-fire emergency lighting/marking lamps, the company successfully developed a new explosion-proof type through technical cooperation and innovation, combining explosion-proof technology with fire protection standards Fire emergency lighting centralized power supply, explosion-proof power collection centralized control fire emergency lighting/marking lights and other products. In addition, according to the needs of the fire protection market, a series of products such as three-proof emergency lighting centralized controller, centralized power supply, and anti-collection centralized control fire emergency lighting/sign lights were added. The successful development of this series of products not only fills the gap of this type of product in the field of Chuangzheng's centralized control fire protection, but also achieves gratifying performance and wide acclaim as soon as it is launched. ...

06 Upgrading both software and hardware-ERP system and OA software upgrades help enterprises to improve their informatization and intelligence level


Upgrade of ERP system and OA software Along with the advancement of science and technology and the development of the market, customers have more and more requirements for enterprises. In order to better meet the needs of customers for differentiation, individualization, and customization, and to improve the company’s information management level, after nearly After a year of research and implementation, the company officially launched the company's ERP system upgrade and OA office software import project in October 2020. By upgrading the ERP system and fully importing the bar code management of materials, the traceability management of the entire product life cycle was realized. The introduction and optimization of the OA system improves the company's approval process, upgrades the existing office software, and integrates the ERP system, CRM software, OA system, and local area network. We are gradually building a comprehensive information management platform with complete functions and rapid response, laying a solid foundation for the company's rapid development! To

07 International Recognition-New Journey of Overseas Development


Successfully entered the network of major international national oil companies and EPC engineering companies. In 2020, Chuangzheng Electric successfully passed the strict audits of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Malaysia National Petroleum Corporation (Petronas), South Korea's Samsung Engineering Company (Samsung Engineering) Requirements and successfully entered its list of qualified suppliers. This is a large national oil company and EPC engineering company that has successfully entered the network after the company's Kuwait KOC, KNPC, Oman PDO, Iranian NIGC, and NIOC. As an explosion-proof electrical solution provider with core technical advantages, the company has been committed to the global oil and gas market, providing customers with high-quality, sophisticated and cutting-edge products and services. This successful entry into the network affirms the outstanding performance of Chuangzheng Electric in many projects in the international market, and provides market access guarantee for the rapid and healthy development of Chuangzheng Electric in the future and the implementation of its global strategy. Under the influence of the epidemic and the global economic downturn, the company set sail against the wind and once again won the recognition of international high-end customers.

08 Safe and non-stop-exhibitions at home and abroad


Exhibitions at home and abroad in 2020 The exhibitions after the epidemic are precious. Under the guidance of scientific prevention and control in 2020, Chuangzheng actively participated in China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE2020), 2020 Industrial Explosion-proof Technology and Equipment Exhibition, FPSO&FLNG&FSRU Global Conference of Decision Makers 2020, China Petrochemical Equipment Procurement International Summit and Exhibition At the same time, it helped guide overseas partners to participate in the Thailand International Oil and Gas Exhibition (OGET2020). Through exhibitions at home and abroad in 2020, Chuangzheng demonstrated its technical strength and innovative ideas in the field of industrial explosion-proof safety from many aspects, provided professional audiences with new technologies for explosion-proof safety development, and further expanded its brand influence.

09 "Meet in the Clouds"-Online Platform Construction


Online platform construction During the special period of the epidemic, Chuangzheng strengthened the construction of online platforms, comprehensively revised and upgraded the company's website, opened Chuangzheng Douyin account, Chuangzheng WeChat video account, Chuangzheng VR cloud factory and other online media. The company communicates and introduces products with customers at home and abroad through online video and video conferences, and solves the problem of distance that cannot be met. On the festive day of the 30th anniversary of the factory, customers from overseas countries such as Germany, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and other places sent blessings in the form of videos for Chuangzheng's birthday interaction.

10 Watching and helping each other-fighting the epidemic together, everyone is great


Fighting the epidemic together is great for everyone. In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will raging all over the world. Faced with the severe situation brought about by the spread of the epidemic, the company united as one, focused on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and production organization on the other. It has achieved double victories in epidemic prevention and control and operational results. Those who have the same desires up and down win, those who are in the same boat through storm and storm are happy. In the past year, we have watched and helped each other, and we have never stopped struggling to meet new development opportunities together and win brand-new victories one after another in the march forward! Paying tribute to the past, we will live up to the challenges of Shaohua in 2020, and we will have a full harvest. In 2021, we will continue to move forward and provide customers with better products and services. Bathe in the sunshine of the new year, create a new chapter for the enterprise, stand on the 30th, and create greater glories, let us continue to walk hand in hand and embark on the journey of the new year, determined to pass on the concept of "safety and explosion protection" to global users . 2021, join hands and move on!