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How to use explosion-proof distribution box

The use of explosion-proof distribution box is divided into the following steps:
1. According to the actual lighting needs of the work site, determine the installation location and method of the lamp, and then prepare a three-core cable of the corresponding length according to the distance from the lamp to the 220V power supply contact (if the steel pipe is used for wiring, the three-core cable is introduced into the steel pipe to the lamp installation).
2. First remove the fixing screw on the wiring cavity, and pull out the wiring part of the junction box; take out the sealing ring and the connector (with the set screw) from the packing box, and insert the cable in turn; then separate one end of the three-core cable. Connect the marks "L", "N" and grounding in the box. After pressing the cable with the crimping clip, fix it with the fastening screw, then tighten the joint, press the sealing ring, and fasten the fastening screw from the side.
3. Screw the parts in step 2 into the steel pipe, install the set screws from the side to lock them, then install the lamp body along the guide rail of the junction box, and then tighten the screws on the panel.
4. Finally, connect the other end of the three-core cable to the 220V power supply according to the requirements of the explosion-proof distribution box.
5. When replacing the bulb, first cut off the power supply, then use the Allen wrench to remove the set screw on the housing, use a large screwdriver or other tools to loosen the lamp cover 6 turns, and then carefully remove the lamp cover slowly by hand. Replace old bulb with new bulb.