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Chuangzheng Team Building | We have a date with the island


Chuangzheng team building | We have an appointment with the island

Let's go travel our travel TRAVEL Zhoushan-Putuoshan team building



Taking advantage of the sunshine and the cool sea breeze, the company thanked all employees for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company, and at the same time allowed them to relax during their busy work. The labor union organized this two-day trip to Zhoushan and Putuo. Zhujiajiao, Zhoushan




The first stop is to visit [Nansha Seaside Scenic Spot]. “Nansha Scenic Area is adjacent to the East China Sea and is located in the south of Zhujiajian Island in Zhoushan, Zhejiang. It is the core area of Zhujiajian’s scenic tourism and the site of China’s Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival.” The quality is fine and pure, and it really makes people feel worthy of this trip. Backed by the beautiful scenery, we organized the "family portrait" of all the company's employees. We watched sand sculptures, played in the sea, beached, recorded videos, took beautiful photos, and participated in various game activities in the scenic area, integrating with nature and integrating all Forget about the troubles and exhaustion, and enjoy the gifts from nature.



Haitian Buddha Kingdom-Putuo Mountain




The four famous Buddhist mountains-Putuo Mountain, Putuo Mountain is embraced by the sea and is a beautiful island. After climbing all the way, there are countless beautiful sights to visit, including Guanyin Ancient Cave, Ergui Tingfa Stone, Pantuo Stone, Meifu Temple and so on. After arriving at the top of the mountain, the waves of the East China Sea are magnificent, and a reclining Buddha is dormant in the sea. Let us fully appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. Go down from the mountain to the largest temple on Mount Putuo with a long history-【Puji Temple】. Under the guidance and explanation of the tour guide, the Chuangzheng colleagues visited the main attractions one after another: refusing to go to Guanyinyuan, Chaoyin Cave, Zizhulin Temple and other places. Finally, everyone came to the landmark of Putuo Mountain-33 meters high-the bronze statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea. The base of the statue is 13 meters high, the bronze statue is 18 meters high, the lotus seat is 2 meters, and weighs more than 70 tons. When casting, the image of Piaohai Guanyin is adopted, which is dignified and kind, vivid and breathtaking! We have to be impressed by the superb skills of the skilled craftsmen in Greater China. At the same time, it is also a great spot for worshipping Shizuka, watching the sea and listening to the tide.

Life should not only be work, but also poetry and the distance. To struggle, but also to be far away. To work hard and to learn to rest. Let go of work and busyness for a while. Pile the sand and play in the distance to see the vast sea and sky, listen to the sea and the sky and the kingdom of Buddha infinitely, and the sanskrit sounds of the world dilute all the tiredness of the body and the dust that washes the soul