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Chuangzheng Explosion-proof passed the 2018 provincial patent demonstration enterprise review

On August 3, 2018, it was learned from the website of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology that our company passed the provincial patent demonstration enterprise reexamination. This is the first time our company has passed the reexamination since applying for the provincial patent demonstration enterprise in 2015. Since our company started the patent work , And achieved certain results.
We mainly focus on the following aspects:
1. In accordance with the requirements of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations", implement standards, establish and improve various patent work rules and regulations, and improve internal incentive mechanisms. In patent management, various rules and regulations and operational guidance have been formulated to standardize the work of the Intellectual Property Office Management Department, and signed a contract with the Professional Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. to guide our company in the establishment, implementation and operation of the intellectual property standardization management system. On the basis of the existing related patent work management system, in accordance with the requirements of GB/T29490-2013 "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations", formulate intellectual property policies and objectives, improve patent work systems and procedures, and increase the number of employees applying for patents. The incentives are directly linked to the performance appraisal and salary of employees, which effectively motivates the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to apply for patents, and lays a good foundation for the sustained and rapid development of the company's patent work.
2. Strengthen the promotion and training of corporate intellectual property management norms and standards, and further improve employees’ intellectual property awareness. In 2015, the company appointed patent personnel to participate in the intellectual property management system internal auditor training and obtained two internal auditor certificates. In 2018, it appointed three personnel to participate in the intellectual property internal auditor training to assist in the implementation and operation of the company’s intellectual property management system. All new employees set up intellectual property awareness training in the company culture training before taking up their posts; at the same time, they are also training in various business departments to popularize patent knowledge; in specific work, they also focus on the needs of special purposes. Training enables employees to always pay attention to related intellectual property issues during R&D work, avoid patent infringement, and apply for patent protection in a timely manner.
3. When conducting research and development of new products, new technologies, and new materials, simultaneously start patent management and establish necessary patent reserves. At present, the company is developing new explosion-proof electrical products. The products of this project are developed by the company's technicians to achieve high protection, high explosion protection, high corrosion resistance and other performance. In the development process, the company has also applied for the patents formed by these products, and made necessary patent reserves. In the future, the company will also invest more funds to conduct patent literature searches in advance when developing new products, new technologies, and new materials, build a patent search platform, establish industry intellectual property information databases, and establish necessary patent reserves , And strive to obtain more patent rights.
4. Actively and timely apply for product patents. According to the development requirements of the enterprise, we should do a good job in the development, application and management of various patents, especially the development of invention patents with core independent intellectual property rights. Relying on the strong technical strength of the company's technology research and development center, the company develops and releases more than 3 to 5 new products to the market every year. In the early stage, the company’s patents were mainly design and utility model patents. In the future, based on these patent applications, the company will focus on applying for invention patents with new technologies, new processes, and independent intellectual property rights, so that the company’s overall patent level will be improved. A new step. It also applies for patents in time, protects the innovative achievements of product development, and consciously builds a patent protection network for its core technologies or products to strengthen patent protection.
5. Actively protect the legal rights and interests of the company through legal means. In 2015, when targeting a petrochemical company in Ningbo, it was discovered that there were 32 all-weather combination boxes in the company’s warehouse. The manufacturer was Shanghai Wangbo Technology Co., Ltd. and was suspected of infringing on our company’s trademarks and products. rights and interests. In view of the huge amount of money involved, in accordance with Article 61 of my country’s Trademark Law, a report was filed with the Jiaxing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and Ningbo Beilun Administration for Industry and Commerce on May 4, 2015, and the case was filed in accordance with the law on July 7, 2015. The Beilun District Market Supervision Administration will investigate and deal with illegal manufacturers in accordance with the law (Yonglun Supervision Office [2015] No. 224 and Yonglun Supervision Office [2015] No. 226). The investigation and handling of this case will effectively deter illegal makers and protect the legal rights and interests of the company. The achievements of the company’s patent work in recent years are not only the result of the company’s high-level attention to intellectual property work and the unremitting efforts of the Intellectual Property Department of Chuangzheng, but also the cooperation with the leaders of the provincial, municipal, and district science and technology bureaus and other government departments. The long-term care and attention of Zheng Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. are inseparable. Tomorrow, Chuangzheng will continue to aim at "developing a national enterprise with independent intellectual property rights", to live up to the high expectations of leaders at all levels, to continuously improve the company's core competitiveness, to build long-term protection of intellectual property rights, in order to compete in the highly competitive explosion-proof electrical Put up the banner of China's national industry on the market!