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New Lighting Choice for Hazardous Places in Zone 1 and Zone 21

The development of an all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip light suitable for indoors and outdoors has added a brand-new LED lighting scheme to the lighting of dangerous places such as Zone 1 and Zone 21.

The design and development of all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip lights extend the consistent product development ideas of Chuangzheng Explosion-proof Electrical A series of rigorous steps such as certification are developed and formed. The series of lamps includes 2 versions, the first is the most advanced and the most popular LED light source in the market, and the second is the traditional fluorescent lamp. The two are perfectly compatible. The light source can be selected according to customer requirements. At the same time, the luminaire is also designed with its own emergency function, and the emergency light source can be selected or not used according to the needs of the site. The all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip light adopts a composite explosion-proof type and a modular design. The light source, power supply, and auxiliary safety components and functional components of the lamp are individually certified by IECEx and ATEX, which are compared with traditional flameproof metal In terms of lamps, this is a technological improvement and a guarantee for safer products. The explosion-proof LED light source module installed in the all-plastic explosion-proof LED bar light adopts imported high-efficiency LED light source, with high light transmittance PC transparent cover and high-efficiency explosion-proof LED power module, so that the light efficiency of the explosion-proof light source module reaches 120LM/ Above W, this is already a very beautiful lumen output for explosion-proof light source modules. The interior of the luminaire shell is designed with an interlocking device structure, combined with a new sealing structure and explosion-proof travel switch module, so that the luminaire can not only achieve IP66 protection when closed, but also realize the function of opening the cover and power off the luminaire, ensuring that the luminaire is in Indoor, outdoor, installation, maintenance and other aspects of safety. The two sides of the inside of the lamp can also be equipped with electrical connection terminals, which can easily solve the problem of "series" installation and wiring of multiple lamps at the work site, and help customers save costs such as consumables required for on-site installation and wiring. The all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip light is designed with a variety of installation forms, which can be installed and used in various situations. Typical installation forms include ceiling type, hanging chain type, boom type, wall type, clamp tube type, and platform. Guardrail type, platform flange type, etc. The main technical data of all plastic explosion-proof LED strip lights are as follows: Explosion-proof mark:

Operating environment temperature: -25℃≤Ta≤+40℃/+55℃ Rated voltage: 100~250V AC 50/60Hz Color rendering index: Ra≥80 Color temperature: 5700K (standard)

If you want to learn more about the all-plastic explosion-proof LED strip light, please ask the professional sales staff of Chuangzheng Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. to answer questions for you 24 hours a day.